Quick Start Guide:
– How the training platform works
– What the sales process is
– How to get leads within 72 hours

Module 1 + 2
– Ranking Number 1 in Your Niche
– Turning Your Profile Into A Sales Page
– Your Sales Plan

Module 3
– Researching prospects
– Script writing to reach prospects
– How To Use LinkedIn Inmails

Module 4
– How to actually generate qualified leads
– How to use mail merges
– How to download your contact list

Module 5
– Engaging with prospects
– Expanding your network
– Running Mail Merges

Module 6
– Sales Process Automation
– Using The Specialist Model To Grow Sales
– Tools and Resources To Develop An Inbound Strategy

Daily Sales Motivation
– Sales motivation for sales people
– Updates on latest techniques

Weekly Mastermind
– Questions on sales recovered weekly and answered.
– Further tools and tips are shared bringing the latest in sales technology